At Blue Moose Engineering we specialize in creating high quality niche products for under-served markets.

I say we but it’s really just me. My name is Rich and I live and work in and around Ventura, California. I’m a dad, husband, engineer, and quality professional. I care a lot about making nice things that help people and make their lives better.

My first product is a custom machined aluminum window clip designed to replace the weak factory plastic clip found in the front windows of the 2007 and 2008 Lexus ES350 and many other Lexus models and years.

In every car, there are two clips that attach the window to the regulator – one toward the front and one toward the rear, where the door latches.

The vast majority of these failures involve the front clip only. The rear clip is a slightly different size but I make these too.

Although many of these cars have been repaired, many have not. This is the only affordable solution for this problem on the market today.

The only other proper solution is to buy the entire window from the dealer. The window typically costs around $400-$1000 alone, and you may still have to pay labor costs. The dealer doesn’t sell just the plastic clip.

You may find cheap replacement glass on eBay, but this glass should not be used to replace your high quality OEM Lexus glass. Also, these windows still use plastic clips, which means that they will probably just break again.

Therefore, there are some clear advantages to using my replacement clip kit for your Lexus ES350:

  • Price – this is the most affordable repair available
  • Integrity – don’t settle for cheap replacement glass with plastic clips
  • Quality – a beautiful part that’s guaranteed to never fail
  • Simplicity – you can complete the repair in an hour with basic hand tools

For a detailed write up of the problem, including clear repair instructions, check out my Info and How-to page. You can download a PDF of the repair instructions, which includes detailed door panel removal steps, by clicking here.

If you already know what you need, click here to purchase a repair kit now.