This Is Why You Should Only Use Quality Parts and the Right Adhesive…


This came out of a customer’s car. The previous owner (or their mechanic) used a flimsy plastic replacement clip and an adhesive that was way too hard for the application.

As I’ve already shared many times, there are two ways to fix the notorious 2007 and 2008 ES350 broken window clip the right way:

  • Buy a new window from the dealer – comes with redesigned and enhanced plastic clips that are probably good for the life of the car – $400 + labor


  • Use my repair kit – $90

The part you see above may have come on a cheap replacement window, or it may have been a part sourced from another application. either way you can see how it bent and deformed so easily.

Also, glass is a very difficult material to glue things to. It’s very smooth and non-porous so only the right adhesive sticks to it.

The 3M urethane adhesive that I provide is meant specifically for bonding glass to metal so it works perfectly.

Epoxies, silicones, JB Weld…all of these are wrong for one reason or another.

Anyway, don’t waste your time and/or money – do it right the first time!