My First Product

Completed aluminum window clip for Lexus ES350

Many ES350 owners have discovered that the weak plastic clip that joins the window regulator to the window, breaks on nearly every 2007 and 2008 ES350 in service. Next, you discover that the dealer doesn’t sell just the clip! You have to buy the WHOLE WINDOW! What seemed like  $5 repair has turned into a $500 repair, and maybe much more if you have to pay someone to install the new window.

I’m offering a simple solution. My machined aluminum replacement clip is designed to act as a direct factory replacement for the front-most clip, for a fraction of the price. With your purchase you’ll receive the clip, a tube of specialized 3M adhesive, razor blades, alcohol wipes, and detailed instructions.

Milling the first Lexus Toyota Window Clip Prototype
Prototyping: 6061 bar stock and a vertical mill

There are two clips that attach the window to the regulator – one toward the front and one toward the rear, where the door latches. The vast majority of these failures involve the front clip only, therefore, my first product offering is intended to replace the front clip only. The rear clip is a slightly different size…a prototype for this is coming soon.

UPDATE: I now make and stock both clips. Click here to buy them now.

The repair is very simple. You only need a few basic hand tools. There are some clear advantages to using my replacement clip kit for your Lexus ES350:

  • Price – this is the most cost-effective repair available
  • Integrity – keep your high quality Lexus glass – don’t settle for cheap replacement glass
  • Quality – a beautiful part, made in California, and guaranteed to never fail
  • Simplicity – you can complete the repair in an hour with basic hand tools

Click here to purchase the complete repair kit.

I’m here to provide excellent pre- and post-sale support, so if you have any questions about the part, your application, or the repair itself please reach out to me at

Check out the Info and how-to page for the full write-up and detailed instructions.