I Learned Something This Morning

The front window on the Lexus ES350 has two clips…one toward the front of the car, and one toward the rear, where the door latches.

Typically it is only the front clip that breaks. However, I had someone purchase the clip to replace the rear in their car…and it made me wonder:

Are the two clips identical?

I left work and went straight to my father-in-laws house and tore the door panel off his car.

Sure enough, they are NOT the same shape and size.

They are very similar, but the rear clip is taller. Check out the photo below:

Lexus es350 Rear window clip is taller than the front


So now I’m working on a prototype for this part. I suspect these will be made to order only. They rarely break so it seems like there’s no point in holding inventory. I imagine I’ll have these ready for production in a month or so.

UPDATE: I now make and stock BOTH clips. Visit my store to buy them now.