“My driver side window broke and I came across Rich’s site where I found a complete explanation of the situation. I liked the idea of replacing the plastic clip with an aluminum one over the much greater expense of having the dealer replace the entire window. The kit was great although you have to be comfortable working on cars. The hardest part was removing the door panel. I worked with Rich to discover the proper procedure to reset the auto-up feature that he is now adding to the instructions. Everything is finally working great. I am very satisfied with this repair.”



Chris C. from Los Altos Hills, CA

“My passenger window clip broke out of the blue several months back. I was frustrated after having searched this forum for solutions, finding nothing other than an expensive window replacement. I shimmed the window and carried on. When the shims failed I decided I could not bear the humiliation of duct taping my otherwise perfectly functional car. I searched again and found this solution. Suffice to say my problem is solved. If you have this problem, get this part. Easy 30 minute fix, great instructions. Rich is a first class guy too.”


Scott C. from Greenville, SC