“So I bit the bullet and fixed the window yesterday and I am glad I did. Until I found you, I was expecting to have to buy a new window. The adhesive you sent is some sticky stuff, I’m sure that will work out well. You put together a nice, complete package for the repair. I thought it was very well done.”


Steve P. from Ellicott City, MD

“Thank you for providing this alternative to what would otherwise be a needlessly expensive repair at the dealer. I would also like to thank you for your excellent customer service and support, before and during the repair. I truly feel that you made this process as easy as it could possibly be. I hope that everyone who has the same issue somehow gets a hold of you. I can tell you that I have spread the news about Blue Moose to people that don’t even own a Lexus because perhaps they know someone who does.”


Tony M. from Montreal, Quebec